NZSIP Phone Book, including Conference Rooms and RF links

53222ZL2RO Phil
53257ZL2JST Jeff
53258ZL4DE Daniel
53259ZL2JB Bruce
53260ZL2UCX Steve
53261ZL1CNM Cameron
53262ZL1UCH Chris
53263ZL1TC Tristan
53264ZL1LLY Lilly
53265ZL4BDS Brendan
53266ZL4FW Danny
53267ZL1KFM Kevin
53268ZL1OTF Ivan
53269ZL1HX Bowden
53270ZL1TOB Jeff
53271ZL1UPJ Jono
53272ZL4CB Charlie
53273ZL2TAB Keith
53274ZL2FY Richard
53275ZL4HZ Matt
50272VK4NGA Glenn
313300KA4KBX Gary
53276ZL2XJ John
50277VK2RG Bob
53277ZL1CZ Zane
53278ZL2TSO Simon
53279ZL2SJ Steve
53280ZL1RKW Ryan
50278VK2VY Ivan
53281ZL4SH Shanon
53282ZL4AH Matchil
53283ZL2ASB Hugh
53284ZL2XL Gearoid
53285ZL2ARL Colin
530299DVNZ Conference
53299RF Link XLX299-O


What phones work with NZSIP?

The nice thing about the NZSIP service is we are a BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) service. So any phone you can configure for SIP connections can be used on the service on any peer. We have people that use Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink, Fanvil, Softphones, and many other types of phones.

Softphones         Groundwire  Android


Want an extension?

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